Agrimondo : – manages 5000 hectares of its own agricultural land and over 20,000 hectares in cooperation with certified farmers from Romania.
Manages 2500 Ha of certified agricultural land in the Donau Delta.
More than 40,000 tones of cereals are stored under quality conditions and hygiene conditions at European level, cleaned and dried under absolute safety conditions in our own silos, with high-performance technical equipment.

We offer a wide range of organic products such as:

Organic Fodder Peas

Organic Milling Wheat

Organic Fodder Wheat

Organic Rapeseed

Organic Sunflower HO and LO

Organic Sunflower Cake

Organic Flax Seeds

Organic Corn

Organic Dried Leguminous

Organic Lentils

Organic Spelt

Organic Soybeans